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Taking the First Step

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Simple Conversation

Simple Conversation

The first part of any journey is to take a step so I guess the first step in blogging is to post my first blog. If you care to know a little about me, you can find a biased opinion of me on my “About” page, hopefully it will not bore you. My intent for this blog is to place on the internet some of my images along with thoughts, ideas and stories. For many years I did not show my images as I was not confident with them. We learn over the years that some people will like our photos and what we have to say while others will not. I’m okay with that. I have been posting images on the internet since early 2004 where I ask for critiquing by fellow photographers and to learn this art of photography. I also look at their work and learn from their vision and experience. So, here we go.

This first image was taken about 5 days ago in Portland, Maine at a place called the Wine Bar along Wharf Street. They served up coffee, a few mixed drinks, a few wines and then tempted those who entered with a few fat pills such as blueberry pie. The three of us ordered a macchiato, found a small table and sat down to enjoy it. The young and beautiful Christina was surprised to discover the macchiato is of the Italian style, a shot of espresso topped with foam, rather than a Starbucks version with vanilla syrup and caramel sauce. Needles to say she was disappointed in her choice. Across the room at a table sat a couple enjoying their conversation and coffees. With the large window and light I had to take a photo. It was also the fist image taken using monochrome on my camera. Look at that, two steps have been taken. If you have never been to the Old Port District along Portland Harbor, I highly recommend it.


Written by Monte Stevens

October 8, 2008 at 1:35 pm

Posted in Coffee shops, Travel

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