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I’m completely alone in my apartment and roaring with laughter. Tears are rolling down my cheeks and my stomach is hurting (more sit-ups would help that). My neighbors probably think I’ve gone off the deep end again and are looking up the hospital phone number. So what’s got me rolling in stitches? A book. That’s right, every once in a while we find a book that will bring uncontrollable laughter to us. The book I’m talking about is called The Moment It Clicks by Joe McNally.


I’ve never written a commentary on a book before but this is one I feel compelled to suggest. Joe McNally is a well known photographer and teacher. I’m also finding out he is also a pretty good writer, check out his blog. As Scott Kelby says in the forward to the book, “He has a wonderful gift of talking to the reader just like he’s talking to a friend.” Putting aside his humor I must say his book is full of information that can help each of us imporve our photography. He presents photographic situations he has had and then shares the solution used to get the shot or how it all fell into place. He really focuses on light and how we can use it or add to it. He does this with humor which has my neighbors thinking about moving. It’s been a good read for me and helped me in understanding light and how we can use it better. I highly commend it. Now for some sit-ups.


Written by Monte Stevens

October 12, 2008 at 5:00 am

Posted in Writing/Reading

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