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Blendon Woods Park

Blendon Woods Park

Have you ever been walking in a store gazing at all the stuff to buy when you come around a corner and run into someone who is also gazing at stuff? “Whoops, pardon me!” You’re both embarrassed and hope no one saw the close encounter. Well, I’ve done something similar when out with my camera. For instance, I had taken an early morning walk around this 2 mile loop in Blendon Woods Park. Beautiful area! Autumn colors are out. The air is crisp and the high humidity makes it feel cooler than it really is. The sun is just starting to come up. I have just finished taking a few shots of dew drops and am thoroughly enjoying myself in spite of the fact that my pants are now wet from the knees down. I get back on the trail and gazing as usual when I came around a curve in the trail and this orange and red tree is glowing with morning sunlight. The darker trees in the background made for great contrast against the tree. I gasped! “Oh, my gosh!” Tripod goes up and I’m bracketing away as I don’t want to miss this opportunity. After firing away I stop and take it all in. Life is good! I’ve decided to keep gazing and enjoy the surprises around the corner.


Written by Monte Stevens

October 13, 2008 at 5:00 am

Posted in Metro Parks, Photography

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