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Knock Your Socks Off

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When people see a photographer carrying a bag over their shoulder and a $1500 camera hanging from their neck with a $700-2000 lens attached to it they will ask if you’re a professional photographer. How do I answer that? How do you? At this time in my life I tell them I’m a photographer “wanna-be.” I’m one of those “wanna-bes” who has made some money with my camera shooting portraits and weddings and even sold a few prints. However, photography is not my sole income. It may someday but at this point in my life, I work as a flight attendant and enjoy it. It helps pay my bills, provides medical insurance and travel perks to places I may not have felt inclined to visit. And, one of the better perks about my job is the views I get to see. This image was taken on an early morning flight out of Bangor, Maine while passengers were sleeping and cabin lights were off. Sunrise at 30,000 feet will knock your socks off!


Written by Monte Stevens

October 14, 2008 at 5:00 am

Posted in Photography, Travel

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