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Why am I blogging? Do I want to be a published writer? What will I gain from it? Will anyone read this blog? Will people comeback to read more, if there is more? A really good question is “who” will read my blog?  I do not have answers to those questions but here is how this got started.

A fellow coffee shop patron, Peter McIan, back in Colorado mentioned one day he thought it would be interesting if I blogged about my travels while working as a flight attendant. I had no clue what blogging was about. I floundered around on the internet to try and grasp what it all entailed and just got confused. I checked out the available blogging software and decided I did not want to learn another application. When I get confused I’ve learned to stop and move on to other things then come back to it later. Admittedly, many times in the past I never come back to it, I would just quit. At this time in my life, I seem to be ready and explore this.

One reason for this blog is to have the ability to post my images on the internet. Ego? Possibly. However, I’ve been working on “right-sizing” this ego for the past few years so I feel it has more to do with wanting to share my photography. I know that some people will enjoy my images and others will not. Hopefully my images will show what I have seen through my eyes and where I’ve been.

I also have a few thoughts to share and when those rise to the surface I’ll post them. But, I primarily I hope this is a way to keep in touch with family and friends without filling their email boxes. My current work has me in Columbus, Ohio, so I’m not as close to family and friends. Whoever decides to follow my writing, my photography and my life can check out my blog whenever they feel inclined.

Since I’ve mentioned family, I decided to share an image of one of my oldest daughter, Christine. I took this image this past September while I was back home. She has blessed my life in ways she will never know nor will I be able to put them in words. I can say, I’m thankful she is a part of my life. She has also giving us all the gift of her own daughter, Abbie!

So, let’s keep in touch!


Written by Monte Stevens

October 21, 2008 at 12:01 am

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