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The Morning Sunrise

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Morning Sunrise East of Fort Collins

Morning Sunrise East of Fort Collins, Colorado

I have been known to leave my warm bed and stand in the cold to take a photograph of the sunrise. Each time I stand there with my camera a feeling of expectation rises within me. I love to see the colors of the sky turning red, blue and orange as the sun begins to peek over the horizon. When scattered clouds appear I know they will only add to the image as the sun loves to paint them. Each new sunrise is different and no two are ever the same. The sun always rises.

In the past I have stayed away from voicing my opinion on politics. Politics has never interested me. I falsely stated that politicians were corrupt or soon would be and put and end to that conversation. Probably the biggest reason was my lack of knowledge on the issues and candidates nor did I want to be wrong in what I thought or said, basically fear. In this past election I reacted the same way, staying distant to the campaign, but there is a difference this time. After discovering Obama had been elected as our new president, a feeling of hope rose within me. The American people want something new and something new is about to unfold before us and I want to see what it is. It feels different. Let’s look with anticipation and hope! The sun always rises.


Written by Monte Stevens

November 7, 2008 at 12:01 am

2 Responses

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  1. My dear Monte–I sincerely hope you are correct on your political view. I just hope that all of Obama’s beliefs are congruent with yours. From all I have seen and heard (and I did follow this campaign carefully since the first of the year), I do not think this change is what is good for America. Just yesterday I heard talk of the government taking over 401K and retirement accounts to be managed by the Social Security Administration. I do celebrate the first president of color. I will not call him an African-American as will not call myself a White American. We are all Americans and hopefully want the best for the new president and his family. Only his actions and those of the the Congress and Supreme Court will show the true direction of our great country.

    Love always, Ruth

    Ruth Calkin

    November 7, 2008 at 10:15 am

  2. […] image is of the same farm as this image only taken on different days but just about the same […]

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