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I’ve Lost Some of My Fear

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Blurred Vision

“Fear always got me down. It made me an introvert, an ingrown person. When fear was replaced with faith, I got well. Have I lost some of my fear?”

I am thankful for the day the blurry vision of myself was replaced with a clearer vision. As I’ve grown in years I’ve realized how much fear had dominated my life. I wanted to have the courage I saw in others, yet I could not tell you what courage was. With the help of friends and accepting my inability to control the world around me I’ve learned about faith and this word called courage. With this clearer vision, and the vision of people I trust, I can better see some of the fears that have dominated my life. Once we see these fears our next step is to put into practice the definition of courage, “When fear was replaced with faith.” When we live life with trust in a higher power, whether that is God, or Allah or Buddha or whatever, our fears fade away. When I live each day with the desire to live the will of God, better choices are made and pages of life can be clearly seen.


Written by Monte Stevens

November 9, 2008 at 12:01 am

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