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The Beautiful People of New York City

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At the Wine Bar

At the Wine Bar

If you’re into wines then I suggest visiting the Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe in New York City. It is located at One Rockefeller Plaza. As part of our wandering around the city this past week, Kirsten and I came across this place. She had talked earlier about drinking a glass of wine at an aoutdoor table overlooking the plaza and Morrells fit the bill. We went inside to get her wine and I noticed this woman sitting at the bar enjoying her glass of wine and emailing with her PDA. It made for an interesting photo so I asked if I could take her photo. As with most people when you ask them they want to know why and this can lead into some good comversation. The three of us had a good conversation and I got more than one photo of her. We shared a bit about each other and why we were there and where we were going. We discovered this is one of her favorite places when she visits New York CIty. I am embarassed as I did not get her name. Anyway, as you can tell from this photo there are some beautiful people in New York City.


Written by Monte Stevens

November 12, 2008 at 12:01 am

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