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Early Thanksgiving

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Shelley's Girls

Shelley's Girls

Sunday morning. It is cloudy, cold and a few flakes of the white stuff is falling. The flat grey sky does have the dull look to it today, rather looking more like the skies I’m familiar with back in Colorado. There is texture and distinct shapes to them. I watched the American flag at the entrance to my apartments as it swayed in the stiff wind showing its stars and stripes. And, oh how that wind makes it colder. I am at a favorite coffee shop to enjoy a hot mocha and use the internet.


One of my roommates, Shelley and her two daughters, celebrated their Thanksgiving yesterday. OMG! Shelley and the girls cooked up turkey and ham with all the fixings and I mean fix’ins: mashed tators, yams, corn, green beans, Chelsea’s beets, macaroni and cheese, salad and followed by desserts. There was so much food we were running out of bowls and spoons and space in our small kitchen. There was no way we could eat at the table as there was not room, so some of us found a place on the floor. And, of course I was forced to eat along with them, including the dessert! Here is a snapshot of Shelley’s daughters with plates of food.


Written by Monte Stevens

November 16, 2008 at 8:38 am

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