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Flower Shadows

While walking through the hotel lobby I noticed these small vases with flowers on each table. The morning sun was coming through the eastern windows and casting these wonderful shadows across the table. There were many colors and types of flowers but the subject of my eye was the shadows. I focused and pressed the shutter. Now I have a visual image of that shadow knowing it could be used on photoblog. Shadows are a subject my eye is drawn to, why?

Checking out Wikipedia I found that from a mythological view an unattended shadow or shade was thought by some cultures to be similar to that of a ghost, a flicker of a life unable to end for some reason. It is also believed as an alternative construct that shadows are in fact a representation of God’s presence around an object; like a halo. Early eastern beliefs also play to this theory. For example, Vishnu (a prominent Hindu god) would appear to help followers by assisting with tasks by lending some of his extra arms to assist the burden of the person. Well, maybe but I’m not going to go there.

I believe nature to be the greatest artist we will ever know. It creates and recreates continuously. Shadows are one of it’s greatest forms of art. It is created when some object blocks the rays of a light source and creates a two-dimensional silhouette. When the subject blocking the light source moves the shadow changes and , likewise, when the light source moves the shadow also changes. Nature at its finest.  A shadow can create the feel of mystery to an image.


Written by Monte Stevens

March 7, 2009 at 5:00 am

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