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Albino Squirrel

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Albino Squirrel

Albino Squirrel

I’ve never seen an albino squirrel before moving out here to the Ohio Valley. I encountered this one while taking a walk through Inniswood Gardens. Despite periodic complaints about the animal as a pest, general public opinion towards the animal is favorable, thanks to its agreeable appearance, intelligence and its eating styles and habits. They grace our parks and bring smiles to children and me.

Wikipedia search found the following information about the albino squirrel. Olney, Illinois, known as the “White Squirrel Capital of the World,” is home of the world’s largest known albino-squirrel colony. Kenton, Tennessee is home to about 200 albino squirrels. There are also albino squirrels on the main campus of Ohio State University in Columbus, OhioBrevard, North Carolina and Marionville, Missouri have a substantial population of white (not albino) squirrels. Western Kentucky University has a locally famous population of white squirrels.


Written by Monte Stevens

April 29, 2009 at 12:01 am

Posted in Animals/Insects

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  1. I have seen completely black squirrels, especially in Canada and upstate NY, but never an albino–very cool. We have several visiting fox squirrel who need a weight watchers program, courtesy of my bird feeding stations. I don’t find them to be a nuisance, but I think the birds would argue the point!


    April 29, 2009 at 7:16 pm

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