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Am I a photographer?

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Windmill and Trees

Windmill and Trees

I read a blog by David deChemin on the definition of a photographer. I resonated with his thoughts and perspective and had to rethink about using that title on myself. Am I a photographer?

There was a time when I struggled with calling myself an engineer. I worked for 27 years in engineering and was paid the salary of an engineer, whatever value a company may place on that job. Yet, I am me, an individual with so much more than just a title or label. I now work as a flight attendant so does that make me a flight attendant? Yes, while working at that job I am a flight attendant as well as being me. I’ve been called a son, brother, husband, father, a grandfather, a friend and even a few unprintable labels. Am I any of those? Yes, even the unprintable. Yet, I am still me. So what defines me as a photographer?

I have made money with my photography so does that make me a photographer? I carry my camera with me almost everywhere I go, does that make me a photographer? At this juncture of my photography, I believe when I take the time to create an image rather than take an image, I am a photographer. When my eye sees an image within the mundane, I’m a photographer. We don’t have to make money with it. We don’t have to have a business name or business cards. Although those sure won’t hurt. In the above image, my eyes noticed the solitude of the trees and the windmill against the western clouds while driving on a farm road in the Texas Panhandle. I stopped the car and worked my way around the scene to find a view that fit my vision of the trees and the windmill. This view works for me and hopefully for others. What about you, are you a photographer?


Written by Monte Stevens

June 26, 2009 at 12:01 am

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  1. Mr. deChemin’s post was very interesting, as were many of the follow up comments.

    I don’t feel like a photographer, but I do feel as though an artist-side of my personality is beginning to emerge. Its not something I’ve ever fostered before, but I am enjoying whatever it is and whatever it might become.

    Nice photo.


    June 28, 2009 at 8:50 pm

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