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Morning Sun

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Morning Sun

Morning Sun

What is it about cemeteries that catch my interest. I’m not morbid. There is something about them that is artistic. We have patterns, shapes, colors, and shadows, all of which my photographers eye is drawn to. On this specific morning I was not headed for any cemetery but as I turned the corner and saw the light, I had to pull in and spend some time there. Starbursts can change the feeling of an image. Without this starburst it would be a simple and dull image of a tree and grave stones. By using an aperture of f11 I was able to attain the star effect but not the lens flare. Oh well, the image works for me and hope is does for you.


Written by Monte Stevens

June 30, 2009 at 12:01 am

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  1. Very nice image and you captured the sun well.

    I don’t consider myself morbid, but am also attracted to cemetaries. As someone who hopes she is documenting life, I believe my draw is the symbolism of this piece of life, that being, death. It is a fascination for me and deserves to be captured.


    June 30, 2009 at 4:50 am

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