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Shooting Alone

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A Snapshot

I’m not ashamed to admit I carry my camera everywhere I go, you never know when photo opportunities will present themselves. When I head out for coffee or to the mall or to one of our nature areas, I will typically carry a shoulder bag with one camera, couple lenses and a flash. Almost feel naked if I didn’t have it with me. However, I realized this past weekend how differently I approach photo opportunities if I am with people or alone. Here’s my example.

While walking with friends to an area near our hotel in search of a restaurant for dinner, I probably stopped a half dozen times to fire off a few shots, and by a few I mean 1-2 shots. But, this stopping and firing off images, which is normal for me, can put your friends in uncomfortable place. They want to eat and you’re taking photos? There are some who think I’m crazy but we know that is just not true. At other times they keep on walking knowing I will eventually catch up. I’ve even had friends point out subjects that catch their attention, “Hey, take a picture of that.” After returning to my hotel, I realized how I can limit myself in my ability to create an image. I do not approach my subject of interest the same when shooting alone or with friends. Does that mean I will stop carrying my camera when with friends? Probably not, I’d feel naked.

Oh, and some friends will let you take snapshots of them also.


Written by Monte Stevens

July 17, 2009 at 12:01 am

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  1. I know the feeling–generally, I like to go out by myself and shoot; although I do carry my camera absolutely everywhere, I use it as a means of relaxation. I find myself distracted from what I’d like to be concentrating on–which is taking photographs–when I am around other people. I do enjoy when my husband and I both have our cameras and go out to photograph things together, but there is a certain freedom, otherwise, in going alone to capture your vision…or the vision that appears before you, even if it wasn’t your original vision.

    Babble babble. Have a good weekend.


    July 17, 2009 at 7:06 am

  2. Monte, I usually ask friends/family up-front if they mind me bringing a camera when we head out somewhere. They know bringing a camera means I’ll stop occasionally to take photos and then hurry to catch up with them–a compromise both for me (not devoting myself as fully to taking photos as I would if I were alone) and for them (with them getting only partial attention from me.)

    If they would rather I not bring it, I’ll gladly comply. Luckily, they usually say it’s okay to bring it! 😉


    July 17, 2009 at 1:49 pm

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