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Where would you spend it?

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Taken at the Columbus Zoo

Taken at the Columbus Zoo

Thom Hogan asks an interesting question, “Where would you spend $2000?” He lists four things: upgrade your camera, upgrade your lens, upgrade the photographer or upgrade your support. The article sure made me stop and re-think. Since I’m part of this materialistic world I wanted to immediately dream about owning a faster piece of glass, then move on to a camera, maybe a new travel tripod, while ignoring the prospect of upgrading the photographer. I know from experience that newer equipment will not make me a better photographer, only practice does. Spending money on workshops where I can have hands on instructions is far more beneficial for improvement in my skills as a photographer. So, where would you spend it?


Written by Monte Stevens

July 22, 2009 at 12:01 am

4 Responses

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  1. I would split it up–some on some smaller workshops over a period of time and a smaller portion on some smaller photography related items I’ve been wanting (yes, not an option, but hell–its my money…).

    🙂 Have a great day!


    July 22, 2009 at 5:49 am

  2. I would definitely benefit more from upgrading the photographer. The other upgrades, as you said, are easy choices. To make it even more difficult what are would you/I specifically want to upgrade about yourself/myself (the photographer)…

    For me personally the first thing would be in using lighting. I know little or nothing about artificial lighting used on a creative professional level. Next I would probably focus on improving my post processing skills and then I’d like to do some inspirational workshops that would help widen my vision to see things perhaps in new ways.

    Sorry…I didn’t mean to go on and on. 🙂


    July 22, 2009 at 9:25 am

  3. I would use the money to hire someone to paint my house; that would free up time to make a few photos.

    Steve Skinner

    July 22, 2009 at 9:49 am

  4. Lol, now that’s creative Steve–and practical!


    July 22, 2009 at 7:25 pm

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